Bilingual programme at Mendelcollege

Mendelcollege is a secondary school with a bilingual programme, offering classes in English and Dutch. In the first three years of the bilingual programme (TTO) almost all subjects are offered in English. Languages such as German, French are mostly taught in their target language.
In year four of their educational programme upper school students switch back to their native Dutch language for the majority of their subjects in order to prepare them for their final exams at the end of year five or six, depending on their academic level.

In our bilingual curriculum students take their Cambridge exams and are offered the International Baccalaureate English language and literature programme. The bilingual programme is designed to equip our students with the knowledge and analytical skills required to actively participate in an increasing globalised world.

Nowadays, we see a growing number of returning 'expats' and non-Dutch students (for example from ITK/ISK) who want to enrol in the Dutch educational system. Our experience with this group has enabled us to develop a programme which enables students from abroad to enrol in our school.

Alongside our bilingual programme we offer an intensive Dutch language course called NT2, OR Dutch as a second language. Students will receive Dutch lessons and each student follows their own individual Dutch learning plan to improve their Dutch language skills and get them to the required level for the school system in the Netherlands.

For further information or to discuss your own personal situation please contact Mrs. A. Doek or 0031 23 5258421

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