TTO Settlement design project 2e klas

14 december 2020

In second year tto (2EH1 and 2EA1), students have designed settlements: hamlets, villages, towns, cities, and even larger. The assignment was to draw a map, a street view, and to match facilities, such as shops, schools, public transport, with the specific type of settlement.
Benthe’s report and the photos show some of the results.

Benthe’s report:
In my class we had an assignment to make a map and a view of a type of settlement, my group got a hamlet. 
We made an island with only a few facilities. 
I think it was really fun to make, because we could work together and be creative to make your own city.
I think my class and group did a great job because all the cities looked really cool!

Benthe van Oversteeg 2EH1


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