Erasmus+ uitwisseling

16 maart 2018

In de week van 4- 10 maart zijn in het kader van internationalisering leerlingen uit vijf landen in Nederland geweest om een week een programma te volgen van het Erasmus+ project. Gedurende deze week sliepen leerlingen uit Estland, Duitsland, Italië en Spanje bij Mendelleerlingen. Samen volgden ze een speciaal ontwikkeld programma gericht op vaardigheden rondom studiekeuze en beroep. Omdat het project volledig in het Engels was hebben de leerlingen, buiten de inhoudelijke aspecten, ook veel Engelse taalvaardigheden opgedaan.

E1Triin Rahuoja (Estland): This week started on Sunday morning when we had to go to the airport of Tallinn. We flew to Amsterdam and walked around the city. It was beautiful! At 3 p.m. we arrived at Haarlem and met our host families. This was a long day and all Estonians were so tired and went to bed early.

E2Annemijn Oosthoek:  On Monday we, my Estonian student Triin and me, went to school by bike. It was very difficult for her. In the morning we did a photo exercise in Haarlem, but it was a little bit cold. Back at school we did a speed-date to get to know each other better. Later we learned about the learning styles: activist, theorist, pragmatist and reflector. I’m more of a theorist even though I had never thought about it, but I really recognized myself in its characteristics. 

Myrthe van Essen: On Tuesday we made a mindmap and we applied for a job, that was very handy for later. We did a role-playing game were we had to decide who got the job. We also made Delftsblauw tableware, but mine was not that beautiful. After school I went to my friend’s house and we made slime with the other Italian girl’s hosts. In the evening a large group of Erasmus+ students went ice-skating. It was really funny how some of the girls ice-skated because they had never done that before. I think that this was the most fun activity.

Marieke Wijnstok: on Wednesday we made a game that has to do with the learning styles, that was fun. We even played the games we made. Then we went to Amsterdam, to the Rijksmuseum. The paintings were really beautiful and I saw the Nightwatch. We had free time so we walked around in little groups. Then we went back home. 

Matilde Vitali (Italië) Thursday: In the morning we had a lesson of Hip hop’s DJs. For lunch I went to the beach with a group of friends. In the evening we had a party in the school and we had a lot of fun.

E3Nout Limburg (3A1) Friday: We went to school at 10:00. I gave my student a tour around the school, we did a Kahoot and after that we spend time on the computer to work on a reflection document. At 14:00 we went to the bowling alley.

Jessenia Meier: I’ve learned a lot about being a good host. You have to make your house a safe place for them to stay for a week. My host slept in the same room as I did. We had a really nice week. After school we also did a lot of things. I showed my guest what my life is like in Holland, so the things I do in a normal week. My friends also came to meet my host. A really big experience for them was to ride a bike. We also spent an evening in a typical Dutch restaurant where they sell Dutch pancakes.



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