English sportsday

5 juni 2018

Tuesday the 22th of May the class 1EHA1 had an English sportsday. We cycled to the cricketfield in Bloemendaal. Two cricket coaches waited for the class to give them a lesson of cricket. One of the coaches came from New Zealand. First they did a game to test our reflexes. It was a lot of fun. After a while practising we did a game of cricket. When we had a brake al the sprinklers whent on. Everyone could bring something nice to eat.

We cycled to the rugbyclub and we met our rubgyteacher for the day. He came from Australia. Mister van de Wassenberg also helped him with teaching rugby. We went to the rugbyfield and we learned how to trow and catch a rugbyball. When all of us got it right we played a rugbygame. It was really hot so we got a few breaks between the activities. 14.10 o’clock we could go home and enjoy our day.

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